15-Year Old Housemaid Beaten to Death by Employer


As if the country was less tyrannized by the atrocities of terrorist attacks, fights for property, tussle in politics and constant rise in prices that we have this new case of an employer beating an innocent 15-year old housemaid to death. The news comes as a bigger surprise when it’s known that the case has taken place in Lahore in Defense Housing Authority; Lahore being one of the cities with most literate people and DHA being a place of most well-mannered citizens of the city.

The girl beaten was Fiza, an innocent 15-year old working in the house of her employer as a housemaid. The employer of Fiza was professor Salman who was shameless enough to tie down the little girl with ropes before beating her. The girl was beaten with a PVC pipe ferociously while trussed like a chicken. The beating was not the only brutal act in the mind of Salman; he also raped the little girl. The SP of cantt, Mr. Umar Cheema also informed based on the examination reports of Fiza that the little girl was raped.

Ropes and the pipe used to beat Fiza were recovered by the police from Salman. Police have also successfully managed to get the evidence from the mouth of the committer. Professor Salman has confessed to his act and informed that police that he beat the girl with the PVC after tying her down in ropes.

After the incident the 15-year old girl was taken to Services Hospital where the doctors were fighting to keep her alive. However, on Sunday night the little girl could not take the pain of her injuries anymore and passed away in the hospital.

This is not the first case of brutality and thousands of similar cases have already taken place in every city of the country. What needs to be communicated here is that the parents, who for the sake of earning some money at the end of the month, must be prevented from letting their underage children work as housemaids without proper protection. Even if the parents are not able to work due to old age they should be around when their children are working so to protect them in the time of need.