9 Year Old Pakistani Haris Breaks The O-Level Exam Record

Pakistan has always been a fertile land that has produced some great minds, especially those who are only a few years old but have skills that even the adults can’t defy. 9-year old Haris Manzoor from Rawalpindi has stunned the world by passing the O-level examination covering the most difficult subjects namely Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. This is not a new record for Pakistan people since there have been many similar records set in the past decade by Pakistan’s young guns.

It must not go without mentioning that this little child born in 2004 had been going for private schooling just like other children until 2012 after which his parents didn’t let him go to the school anymore and started teaching him at home. The age of passing these O-level exams is around 17 and 18 and a person is supposed to complete schooling of at least 14 years before appearing in these exams. This was not the case with Haris who passed these exams from Cambridge University at the age of 9 years only.

What makes this little child an even more wonderful child is that he remembers all the words of Para 30 of Holy Quran by heart and has also completed the Nazra. Of course, he didn’t do the last minute studies to set this world record and in his own words he explained that he had done great hard work and studies in order to break this record. The little genius wants to become a barrister and is fully ready to do that soon too. It is of great surprise that the previous world record has also been set by a Pakistan girl, Sitara Brooj, who belongs to the province of Punjab in Pakistan.

Rai Manzoor, father of Haris, was prepared to make his son a world record breaker and he explained that in his own words. He said he had heard about Sitara on TV and was fully determined that if he taught his son at home his son was capable of breaking that world record. This little wonder-boy has a twin brother too but Rai Shabbir, the twin brother, is currently in class III just like other normal children. From the way Haris talks it seems he’s going to break some other great records when he grows up.