Bilawal Bhutto’s Struggle for Popularity Might Destroy the Integrity of Mohenjodaro

Bilawal Bhutto has been looking for popularity for the past half decade but hasn’t managed much to get himself recognized as a politician. However, he’s done well time and again in appearing on the headlines and staying constantly in the news. The son of former president Asif Zardari and Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, has recently felt determined to secure and conserve the culture of Sindh and the recent campaign is his way of doing it.

Things don’t seem to be going quite alright as of now but Bilawal is not going to stop with the slight hurdles that are in his way. There’s a festival starting from February 1, 2014 under this campaign and the inaugural ceremony of the festival will be held at no other significant place but Mohenjodaro.

The inaugural ceremony seems to be quite a show because a big stage, lighting, laser lighting and lot of other equipment are being set up at the site, and that’s where the problem starts. Is it allowed to erect scaffoldings and hit hammers on the nails right beside or on the 2600 BCE old heritage site? Various pieces of equipment are being set up at the site and a lot of hammering, nailing and fastening will take place, which according to the experts is putting the integrity of the site in danger.

Farzand Masih is the Punjab University’s head of the department of archaeology and according to him the Antiquity Act does not allow any such things to be done at the site. He stated that it was more like a sin to hammer nails at a site that belongs to Unesco World Heritage. Masih even pointed the laser lights out and said that these lights are very much capable of causing various portions of the site to decay.

Architecture and urban planning professor, Mr. Nauman Ahmed, said that he thinks we should be more serious about the protection of old and ancient sites in our country but whenever we try to collect donations for such purposes, the response from the people is shameful.

The other side of the picture was brought forward by Qasim Ali Qasim, who heads the Sindh Archaeology Department. He said the site is safe and no construction work is going to damage any bit of it. However, it is hard to believe that the laborers working there would be knowledgeable enough to know the price and value of this heritage site and not cause any damage to it during the work.

Bilawal has been tweeting regularly and informing his followers that everything was fine with the site.