Bilawal Bhutto’s Take On Taliban And The Peace Talks With Them

Bilawal Bhutto, Pakistan People’s Party’s chairman, thinks that his life is in danger for being an undaunted speaker against the atrocities of Taliban. In his recent interview with BBC he talked openly about the issue and his thoughts about the steps being taken by Pakistani government officials on the issue of terrorism and Taliban in the country.

Bilawal thought that all the political parties in the country should be united in the matter of Taliban and how to deal with them. Bilawal seemed conflicting in his own views where he was talking about being audacious against Taliban on one hand but on the other hand he used the words “we are failing”. He talked about the unison in country’s political parties but kept criticizing them by pointing out the weak stance of many political parties and leaders on Taliban.

The prime minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, has recently formed a 4-member committee to negotiate and talk with Taliban movement in Pakistan to resolve the matters without military actions whereas Bilawal’s opinions seem quite the contrary. He thought that the government of Pakistan must retain a strong position in the matter and instead of peace talks the Taliban must be defeated first.

He also complained about the recent step taken by the prime minister of forming a committee for peace talk and said that there should have been consensus on this matter but there were none. He also thought that the consensus with results in the past were never made to reach any resolution because of parties who thought it was not Pakistan’s war but a war fought by Pakistan for the interest of America.

Bilawal thinks that holding talks or calling this war America’s war was nothing but a way for some political parties to fool the nation. He believes that the course of action while pursuing the talks with Taliban should be to hold a strong position and ask Tehreek-e-Taliban to relinquish their weapons and terrorist attacks.

Bilawal also had a few words to say about the results of elections of 2013. He thought that it was not important for him in the first place to become a leader in the country but more important for him was to work to secure peace in the country. On all the talks about the issue of Taliban he thinks he’s leading a threatened life for his harsh words against Taliban.