Climate Change Must Be Addressed At High Priority Basis In Pakistan

Looking at the current conditions of Pakistan one could easily say that Pakistani government needs to do a lot in order to keep the country’s train on its track. However, among many other problems there has now included another one which seems to be of a nature that is our people aren’t very much familiar of; the climate change. Climate change in Pakistan is calling for immediate steps to be taken for food security; the issue was raised in the latest conference by Habib University to highlight the issue.

From the Nobel Peace Prize winning team of IPCC, McCarl talked about the first steps that should be taken by Pakistan government. He stressed the need of growing and taking care of the staple crops of Pakistan from the government of Pakistan. He thinks that climate change is going to have its most disastrous effects on agricultural area and thus Pakistan government should be very careful about the growth and protection of Wheat crops. Sustainable Development Policy Institute’s chairperson, Shafqat Kakakhel, also stated that recent years have been bringing more natural disasters in Pakistan.

He also believed that the issue must be addressed from the bottom i.e. from school level, and children should be equipped with the information of climate change and the effects of environment on food in early school days. A great writer on the subject of environment, Rina Saeed, talked about the fact that Pakistan has always been considered among the countries that generate least amount of green house gases but she mentioned that it was inevitable that Pakistan’s currently facing drastic climate changes. She gave a presentation on the issue of making the people of Pakistan realize the importance of the issue.

Herald Magazine’s editor, Badar Alam, held government responsible for the scarcity of information on the subject and said that government officials always like to keep thing undisclosed from the masses. Different panels talked about the issue, the causes and effects of climate change and the steps that must be taken to make the nation aware of this critical issue with the country but the burden is always on the shoulders of the government. Will government take this issue seriously beforehand or the measures will again be taken when things have already worsened as they always have in the past?