So What Were Pakistanis Searching On The Internet In 2013?

The biggest search engine in the world, Google, gave world something to play with at the end of year 2013 in the form of Year End Zeitgeist. Through this wonderfully compiled data Google allowed the people to see what the world was searching in 2013. The searches performed by the people in Pakistan show up a very interesting trend. While it might not be the best news for some but Bollywood remains a strong contender and the most commonly searched item by Pakistanis online.

Pakistanis do a lot of online searching and the searches show that Pakistanis are not at all limited to searching about the celebrities or events within the country. In fact, Pakistanis are pretty much interested in international celebrities and their favorite entertainment remains Bollywood.

Paul Walker and Jiah Khan Most Searched in Pakistan

The top place in the people searched by Pakistanis was for Paul Walker. Paul Walker, the famous actor from Fast & Furious, died in an accident and this search from Pakistani people seems to coincide with the top searched person from around the world. The person ranking second on the list is as expected an Indian actress named Jiah Khan. Jiah Khan remained one of the top searches from Pakistanis not only because she was an Indian actress but also because she committed suicide. The third person on the list is the internationally famous Humanitarian, Nelson Mandela.

An important point to note here is that all the top searched people in the country were searched after their death. Is it a moment of reality for Pakistanis that they give respect and think about respected national and international people only after they are dead?

Sports and Entertainment Searches

Being a sports-loving nation and an ardent fan of cricket, Pakistani nation searched “sports online” the most in 2013. Once again, Bollywood steps in and the second top search by Pakistanis was an Indian movie Aashiqui 2. Another Bollywood movie with the name Chennai Express won the third position in the top trending searches by Pakistani people. What’s most surprising is that the 4th position also went to an Indian reality show called the Bigg Boss. The 5th and 6th position, however, goes to Pakistani productions; Dunya News (TV channel) and Zindagi Gulzar Hai (TV Drama) respectively.

Another interesting trend in the most searched people is that the only three Pakistani people searched in the top 10 searches are politicians namely Altaf Hussain, Imran Khan and Maryam Nawaz.