Transgenders Being Offered Jobs In Sindh - Finally

Transgenders Being Offered Jobs In Sindh – Finally

It was in 2011 when the transgender community in Pakistan was offered the deserved respect by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. The Supreme Court gave the decision for the provision of ID cards to the community. Government was also asked to enlist the transgender community members as voters so they could exercise their rights of voting too. Since then the matter was under the sand for a long time only until this recent happening in Sindh when eunuchs were offered government jobs.

The step was taken by the government of Sindh and in total there are 3 members of the transgender community who were offered government job. The most prominent member is Riffy Khan who has received more education than many of the parliamentarians with a master’s degree. Other two candidates who have been offered the job are Anjum and Muskaan with education up to matriculation. Rubina Qaim Khani, who’s the minister in Sindh for special education, women development and social welfare, told that this was just the start of a good time for the neglected community in Pakistan.

Rubina also said that more respectable jobs will be distributed among other members of the community in the coming times. Riffy Khan, the newly appointed employee with master’s degree, showed happiness on the fact that Sindh government took the first step towards considering the neglected community as respectable residents of the country too. Riffy talked about the quota reserved for the jobs of transgender community and said the government should do more for the other members of the community and help them in getting jobs that will help them in living respectable lives.

The transgender community in the country can now see some signs of hope for them as they were also able to cast their votes in the elections of 2013. They were also given the reserved seats and appear in elections as candidates. As stated by Rubina, this is a starting phase and this statement should give more candidates from the community the hope to get more respectable jobs. Not to mention, this will also remove the stigma from the community that they opt to live this way and be neglected. More people from the community should now be interested in getting education.