I.A. Rehman Thinks Mainstream Pakistani Media Is Serious With Ratings Only

Some bitter truths were dished out by the independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan’s secretary general, Mr. I.A Rehman. Mr. Rehman brought out whatever was in his heart in an SMIU (Sindh Madressatul Islam University) conference. Rehman didn’t direct all of his criticism towards the media but enveloped the nation of Pakistan too in his criticism.

Rehman said that the province of Balochistan and its entire population was being given absolutely no or very little coverage only because media knows that the news belonging to this area will not bring them good ratings. He also said that this particular injustice from media should be protested against by the nation but the people of Pakistan are also not playing their roles in speaking for their own brothers in Balochistan.

Rehman also cited the incident of the separation of East Pakistan, currently Bangladesh, and said that this separation was also a result of injustice and unjustified silence from the nation. We must stop threatening a particular nation in the country and start living in unison. He was passionate with his words and said that we should have learned the lessons when Bengal was separated from Pakistan but unfortunately that was not the case.

He also talked about the conditions in Karachi and how media is coerced and threatened by certain groups for disseminating or not disseminating information on media about particular matters and aspects.

He directed his words towards the nation of Pakistan and said that if the nation didn’t speak against such actions and activities then no other resolution exists to solve these matters.

Rehman also referred to Muhammad Ali Jinnah and said that even though he fought for Pakistan based on the Two-Nation theory but once Pakistan was made he relinquished the theory to call all Pakistanis “one nation”.

I.A. Rehman seemed quite vociferous while talking about the media and quoting a famous slogan used in the country “udhar tum idher ham” he said that people are under the impression that this is Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s slogan but the truth is that these are the words of a news editor, a media person. He said that media is completely unaware of its role and not covering the real issues in the country is more like loot sale.