Nawaz Sharif Expresses Satisfaction on the Progress of Taliban Peace Talks

Nawaz Sharif, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, was talking to reporters this Wednesday when he expressed his satisfaction over the progress of the talks between the government committee and the Taliban for bringing peace and an end to terrorism acts in country.

The Prime Minister said that the Pakistani armed forces were in support of the peace initiatives of Pakistan government. He further said that the Taliban have already assured the government that they will take action against those responsible for the recent terrorism acts. Nawaz Sharif hoped that the talks will lead to positive outcome for the country.

Addressing a question, he said in order to restore peace in Pakistan, it is vital to have democracy and the stability in Afghanistan.

About the relations between Pakistan and India, Nawaz Sharif said the situation at the LOC (Line of Control) has already improved following the meeting of DGMOs (Director Generals of Military Operations) of both the countries. In the meeting, it was agreed that no firing will be resorted from either side.

According to him, Pakistan government has also pursued UN to help resolve the dispute of Kashmir. The Prime Minister stated that Pakistan wants this issue resolved and welcomes India to join the negotiating table.

He confirmed that during his trip to the United States, he has also had discussion with the US president Barak Obama on the matter of Kashmir.