Pakistan Peace Talks with the Taliban Paused By the Deaths of 23 Soldier

According to a Pakistani government committee member, tasked to negotiate with the Taliban, a scheduled session of talks has been canceled by the Taliban after militants claimed that they have killed 23 soldiers who were in their custody.

In a statement today, Irfan Sadiqui said that after the killings, meeting the representatives of Taliban is pointless.

A group of TTP (The Pakistani Taliban) made an announcement late Sunday that they have killed the soldiers they had kidnapped in 2010. As per the militants, a video will be released.

Pakistani government has been making its efforts to put an end to the years long fighting in the northwest side of country, through negotiations with the Taliban.

Nawaz Sharif, the Pakistani Prime Minister, condemned the killings of soldiers and said that the killings might have negative effects on the ongoing negotiations.