Satya Nadella Welcomed as New Microsoft Chief

The appointment of Satya Nadella, born in India, as the new Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Corporation has been welcomed by the American media, also noting that Mr. Nadella has an enormous responsibility ahead of him. As he is now the most powerful Indian-American chief executive found in the IT sector, the media was quick to highlight the rapidly increasing influence of this small ethnic community within the country. According to the Wall Street Journal, the appointment of Mr. Nadella, who is 46 years old and has been the head of the division of Microsoft Corp that’s focused on making technology for running corporate computer servers and other similar technology, is a safe choice.

There was a long list of both internal and external candidates that had to be considered by the company and the lengthy search finally culminated in the appointment of Satya Nadella. It was said by the Time Magazine that the triumph of Mr. Nadella is not likely to draw any ire, but comes at a time when NRIs are going back to India because they are attracted by the opportunities presented in their rapidly-changing and developing homeland. As a matter of fact, a new domestic swagger and confidence has been seen in this community with the rise of the country’s economy.

The Washington Post revealed that the lengthy search for the CEO who would replace Steve Ballmer had been focused more on outside candidates rather than internal ones as they wanted someone who could infuse new vision in the tech giant. However, the top candidate had turned out to be Nadella because of the success he enjoyed in navigating some of the main customers of the company into the era of the cloud. It is the opinion of most people that the aim of the new CEO should be to make Microsoft more like Google Inc. in the long run.

The most important question that the new chief executive officer of Microsoft has to address basically revolves around the question of whether the software giant is still interested in being the arbiter of technology or not. Nevertheless, because the company has chosen an insider again after a long search that lasted for about five months, it is a clear indication that the company has no intention of pursuing the type of radical makeover that was desired by most of the people on Wall Street. But, it cannot be denied that Mr. Nadella is a well-respected executive who is regarded as a good choice by most analysts.

But, there were also analysts who were of the opinion that there were two drawbacks of hiring Mr. Nadella. First and foremost, he does not possess the experience that the company needs in consumer devices, an area where Microsoft Corp had been trying to gain traction. Secondly, he has never been made chief executive of a company that’s as big as Microsoft. He is the third person to head the tech giant in its 38 year history and is the first Indian to do so.