Spanish Bicyclist Exposes the Truth about the Killing of Six Police Guards

Last month, Javier Colorado, a cyclist from Spain, reached Pakistan as a part of his around-the-world-tour and had the most gruesome experience of his life. The cyclist was hit by shrapnel from a grenade and was taken to the hospital for first aid. The crucial part of his accounts of the incident is where he thinks that the Pakistani officials are wrongfully associating the killing of six policemen with what happened to him.

Javier thinks that the death of the six policemen took place in the Mastung blast that killed several Shia pilgrims in a bus.

According to him he was in a police van with his bicycle and while going on the road he saw the bombing of the bus that was carrying Shia pilgrims. Javier has even uploaded the pictures and videos of the incident on a blog and Youtube.

After this incident the police thought it was unsafe for Javier to travel on his bicycle so he was being taken to his destination in the police van. There was a grenade attack but it didn’t kill any police officers since there is a video in which Javier is still in the van and shouting under the impression that he was hit with a bullet which in fact was grenade shrapnel.

Javier says that his injuries were not serious and after he had been given first aid in a nearby clinic, he received full medical attention in a military hospital.

Shrapnel said that he was supposed to cross Pakistan on a train that travels only once a month but he couldn’t make it on time through Iran and had to miss the train. Thinking that traveling through bus could have posed a threat Javier’s life the police decided to take him with them in a police van.

According to the statements given by Javier the incident of him getting hit by grenade shrapnel and the murder of six policemen are two different incidents whereas the Pakistani officials have associated both the incidents saying that some militants tried to kill the cyclist by opening fire on him and as a reaction to that the policemen had to fire back. Javier says the policemen died in the bomb blast on the Shia pilgrims’ bus.