Suo Moto Case of Muzaffargarh Gang Rape in Progress in Supreme Court

Credit: Thenewstribe

Just a few days ago another shameful incident took place in Muzaffargarh where a panchayat ordered a woman to be gang raped as part of the judgment. Such cases have been taking place in various rural parts of the country before but with proper action taken by the law enforcement departments they can be pinned down. This recent case is being heard in the Supreme Court as a suo moto case and the proceedings of the case have been postponed to next 10 days on Tuesday.

The hearing of the case was under progress under the supervision of a 3-judge bench. The court proceedings were being headed by the newly appointed chief justice, Tassadduq Hussain Jillani. To the surprise of the hearing judges the SDPO of Kot Addu showed up in the court to present the reports related to the case.

The reports were examined by the judges but a strong reaction was given since the IG was not present in the court notwithstanding the court ordered the IG to come up with the reports and not the SDPO. Abdul Razzaq Mirza who was the additional advocate General Punjab was inquired by one of the judges on the matter of IG’s absence. The judge clearly showed displeasure at IG’s absence by mentioning that a notice was sent to him about his appearance in the court.

The hearing of the case is still in progress and it seems the judges are not going to reach any decisions unless they have IG in the court. Therefore, the court on Tuesday was adjourned and February 14, 2014 was decided as the date of next hearing in the presence of IG.

It must not be missed here that the reports that were brought by the SDPO of Kot Addu were dubbed as unsatisfying reports.

The investigations and searches have been underway by the police as the court hearing was scheduled and AAG of Punjab said that out of the 10 people directly or indirectly involved in the offense 9 had been caught by the police.

The woman who was gang raped as an order from the Panchayat is 40-year old and the hammer of wicked and immoral justice was brought on her as a supposedly justified reaction to this woman’s brother’s capture with another woman.