Taliban Demand to Implement Islamic Sharia Law in Pakistan

The Taliban have said that they are fighting to implement Islamic sharia law in the country of Pakistan and this was their sole objective behind the talks with Pakistani government.

Shahidullah Shahid, the TTP (Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan) spokesperson said that if there was Islamic ‘sharia’ law in Pakistan, the Taliban wouldn’t wage a war against country’s government.

Shahid said to BBC Urdu today, “The war we are fighting is for enforcement of sharia… and talks with the government we will be holding will be for the same objective”. While he was talking about conditions put forward by the government negotiators, Shahid said those were having been consulted upon.

He clarified this that any final decision regarding this would be made only after he meets TTP negotiators. The talks between a three-member Taliban committee and a four-member government team started on Thursday amid deep cynicism over whether the negotiations can result in a peace deal.

The talk ended with both the sides planning a future negotiations roadmap with government team suggesting that the peace talks be followed within the context of the country’s constitution. However, Maulana Abdul Aziz, the Lal Masjid cleric and Taliban negotiator, said this Friday that the later talks would’ve to be laid out under Islamic law.

When questioned if the implementation of Sharia law was possible when there is an already imposed Constitution in Pakistan, the spokesperson of TTP said that it will be simple, since the other party they are having peace talks with claim to be Muslim. He further added that since Islam was the base behind Pakistan’s creation, this task should not be too difficult for the Muslims.

Shahid said, “If we demand Americans to enforce Sharia in their country then it would be understandably difficult for them to do so but not for people who call themselves Muslims”. As per him, TTP is going to hold a meeting with the Taliban negotiators within next few days that will lead to further course of action.