Umer Akmal Gets Slapped By Traffic Warden

Umer Akmal, a young Pakistan cricketer known for his fast paced batting, has been slapped by a traffic warden for reasons that will be cleared later. Umer Akmal is often known in the nation and cricket experts and critics for his silly shots that he often plays at the wrong times. He’s known for suddenly forgetting his responsibilities and going for big hits and giving the wicket to the opposing team. If he follows this pattern in real life then he must have done something wrong on the road too.

Umer Akmal had a clash with the traffic warden when he stopped the great batsman for violating traffic rules. As is always the case with most people, Umer didn’t admit his fault and thought that he only crossed the signal when it was already green. The warden didn’t seem to agree and according to the information received from various sources he wasn't at all ready to let Umer go for this traffic rule violation.

It must be remembered that traffic wardens who were just deployed in the city to take care of traffic on the road as part of a new traffic control department are known for not taking bribes. They are also known for being very polite as they ask the violators to pull over their vehicles and come on a side to receive the ticket. However, exceptions are everywhere and there have been incidents where wardens weren't innocent parties.

The young cricketer, Umer Akmal, didn’t show any signs of receiving the ticket and the persistent behavior from both the parties resulted in a scuffle. Both the fellows didn’t hold back from fighting and the heated argument turned into a wrestling match in no time. This is when, according to Umer, the warden slapped him right on his face. He even showed the evidence of the slap while pointing his finger to his cut lip.

Whosoever was at fault in the situation, Umer has irrespectively reached higher authorities and asked for justification and compensation from them. The matter will be investigated before any judgment is given as to who was the wrongdoer in this particular scenario.

Irrespective of who comes up as the offender in the situation, this incident will definitely cause many to think adversely about Umer Akmal who is already caught under severe criticism for his bad attitude at the pitch.