Pakistan’s Former President’s 95-Year-Old Mother in Critical Condition

Former Pakistan President, General (Rd.) Pervez Musharraf's ailing mother has been hospitalized on Saturday after her condition intensified. As per an APML (All Pakistan Muslim League) spokesman, she is is a heart patient. She was rushed to W.W.Wilson Hospital, Sharjah in a critical condition.

The spokesman further added that Musharraf’s mother was in ICU and this is the 2nd time in 3 days that she was ambulanced to a hospital. He requested the Pakistan nation to pray for Musharraf’s mother.

Since his return to Pakistan, Musharraf has suffered a torrid time. He stands accused over imposing emergency rule in Pakistan during November 2007, but he and his legal team have dismissed the charges. Conviction could mean the life imprisonment or death penalty for retired General, who has faced several criminal cases since his return in March from a self-imposed exile.

It is not yet clear if the Pakistan court would let Musharraf travel to Sharjah to see his mother.