A Change in Donor’s Loan Policy Required; Pervez Khattak

The KPK chief minister Pervez Khattak has clearly said that loans for the province will be only taken when they are required. Rejecting the loans on contributors' terms, the KPK chief minister thinks that KPK is not too much underdeveloped. This act was followed by the previous rulers of KPK who took loans on interest. According to the CM, the time of taking loans for one's personal needs has passed and now loans will be only be taken when the province and its people need it for the benefit of the entire province.

The CM has revealed the support of foreign helpers to KPK, which really needs to develop and without this foreign assistance KPK might not be able to progress. This idea was given at a meeting with a Pakistani-Japanese investor group which is also helping KPK in various things like the Tameer-I school program in which it offered RS 1 billion and showed quite a lot of interest in many sectors of the province to expand its Japanese influence in the province. This foreign aid, according to the CM would bring development to the province and would help its people in every possible way.

The CM also said in case of not receiving foreign aid in the time of need it would use its own resources for the development projects and not ignore its government duties ever. The KPK government gave an order for suitable schemes which would be perfect if donor loan system is put in to use. The KPK government looks confident in terms of technical development and praises the support of its civil society, development partners and the new policy of donors which are the hopes of development in the province. According to the CM the political will is also behind the success so far. This organized aid has 8 goals, which it hopes to achieve as soon as possible.

The CM added that his government was dedicated to achieve a peaceful and lawful society where there is justice and equality in gender. The society to be achieved is healthy, educated and has good government affairs. He praised the PTI government about its development plans, economical measures and its efforts to restore relations with the donor agencies. He also assured that the tax paid would be used through justice and in the right place as demanded. The partners appreciated this change and have believed that the KPK government is working for the welfare of the province and its people.