Assembly Accepts New Law For The Protection Of Pakistan

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A senate panel approved the Protection of Pakistan Bill which states that the security forces can shoot any suspects on sight with the permission of a grade-15 official. This new law faced a tough opposition proposing amendments which were taken into account by the senate panel. Despite facing quite a lot of opposition the law was given chances twice by the government. The law has already been discussed in the National Assembly and still requires the approval of the senate. After its approval it will be sent to the Lower House. It has successfully been passed at this level even though there was a large opposition panel.

To avoid any further opposition to this bill, the government of PML-N has taken some points from the opposition parties as well. Such as the suggestions of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leaders Aitzaz Ahsan and Mian Raza Rabbani have been added to the bill. Other leaders were not convinced of this. A committee formed by JUI-F lawmaker Talha Mahmood, Minister of Science and Technology, Zaid Hamid assured the senate panel that only the amendments proposed by PPP were taken and opposition was selected on the choice of PM Nawaz Sharif. Zaid Hamid accused the opposition holding talks with the government before proposing the changes in the bill.

The bill was passed after the approval of the amendments. The amendments basically say that this bill will be imposed for two years instead of three from the day it starts. The enemy meaning in this bill is a militant whose identity is unknown. The prison period for the alleged will be 60 days which is a reduced period. If the judicial authority extends it, it will be increased by 15 days. In cases of firing resulting in death the case will be reviewed by the Judiciary investigation led by a government official.

It has been further added in the bill that shooting orders will be given in the condition of the circumstances or the identity and the record of the person who is about to be shot. The opposition further proposed the government’s responsibility on imprisonment centers, camps and machinery. It also asked for judicial supervision on them. Another amendment states that the government can know the location of the accused and it is supposed to share this information with the High Court or the Supreme Court. An amendment regarding shooting expertise was proposed by MQM but was not approved. The Model Town incident was stated as a misuse of law never bound to happen again.