Bandial Honored at Full Court Reference

The retiring Lahore High Court chief justice Umar Ata Bandial blamed the judiciary system of Pakistan for various tensions of the country including the sects formed which have created different segments in the community and also gives rise to constant communal killing. He also mentioned the example of Farzana who was also killed outside court premises. This was done at the full court reference where he was given honor for his services in LHC at the principle seat. Blaming the state institutions as well he accused the authorities of not acting according to the situation. He praised the judiciary of LHC for the past couple of years on the judgment and its stable machinery.

The nominated Chief Justice, bar leaders and some good lawyers also praised this occasion. According to the stats the court under Bandial had to decide the fate of 58500 cases under which only 2500 were challenged out of which only 5 % were wrong decisions while the rest in large numbers were satisfying for the people. The CJ assured the performance of the LHC would improve and was working excellently due to the presence of IT sources and good administrative machinery working efficiently in the court.

The CJ also ordered the lawyers to look after the misery of the people and to remove it. He praised the machinery of the courts of Bahawalpur, Multan and Rawalpindi which was also as same as of the LHC. He also praised Hafiz Nadeem Kahlun who is one of the leading figures in the court of law. The nominated CJ talked about the honor and prestige received by Bandial which was not easy to achieve and was requiring expertise for several long years. He also thought of him as a leading figure and a very fair judge who deserved more.

The new elected CJ also spoke of the justice of Bandial saying that every victim of the court would be satisfied and also of the modernization of the court. Some decisions were also highlighted such s revolutionary steps taken by the Chief for Judiciary of the Province like laptop scheme, refresher & capacity building courses at the Punjab Judicial Academy, encouraged Judicial Officers with the mechanism of rapid promotions, construction of new Court buildings and Judicial Complexes and implementation of National Judicial Policy etc. a man like Bandial is difficult to find regarding the act of devotion and services by him.