Budget Meeting In Punjab Assembly

According to the latest reports, the budget proposals for 2014-2015 fiscal year were presented at the meeting held in Punjab Assembly. The meeting was led by Rana Muhammad Iqbal, the Speaker Of Punjab Assembly while Mian Mujtaba Shajaur Rehman put forward the budget. At the assembly, in the honor of the coming fiscal year, Rs 1 trillion or more was offered. The assigned budget for the police had a 16% increase in it, whereas, the government employees will now be given a 10% increase in their salaries.

Budgets were assigned as such that, Rs. 122bn was given to the health projects. Along with that, Rs 55bn were contributed to Special Development Programs, Special Programs received Rs 48.01bn and production was given Rs. 20.72bn. Last, but not the least, work and communication was assigned Rs 137.53bn. Furthermore, to build schools in the province, Rs 60bn was allotted. For maintaining law and order Rs 5bn were allocated and Rs273bn were given for the cause of education.

These proposals were then later on accepted by the Provincial Cabinet at a meeting headed by Shahbaz Sharif. The meeting was attended by officials, advisors, Chief Secretary in Punjab, ministers and the Inspector General in Punjab. In the ongoing meeting, the Chief Minister concluded that they were one step close to various developments.