Development of Labor Colony to Begin Soon

It has been reported that the government has decided to begin the development of a labor colony for the convenience of the workers, in Rawalpindi, after a few things and procedures had been taken care of. A meeting was held at the commissioner’s office, headed by Raja Ashfaq Sarwar the Punjab Minister responsible for Labor and Manpower regarding this labor colony and was attended by some very important people. Reports say that, Aziz Khawaja, Secretary of Labor in Punjab, Talat Mehmud, the additional deputy Commissioner, AC (Assistant Commission) Taxila were present at the meeting. The DCO, (District Coordination Officer) in Rawalpindi, Khalid Mahmood the Secretary Workers of Punjab Welfare Board, along with other people responsible for social security labor were also included in the list.

It was announced at the meeting that the project was to be developed in Islamabad in the sector next to E-17 Sector where there was an acquired land of 273 acres. Ashfaq Sarwar was very grateful to the Federal Interior Minister for helping them in the development of this colony. He also emphasized the fact that the existing bottle neck could be eliminated if the federal and provincial government chose to cooperate and coordinate with each other.

The efforts and the work being put in by the district administration were also praised by Ashfaq. He explained that it was because of the efforts of the district administration which led to the beginning of the development of the labor colony by giving its responsibility to the labor department. He further added that a plan had been devised to record the pace of the progress being made regarding the project for the workers in Rawalpindi. The Labor Provincial Minister stated that the location where the labor colony was to be made had been chosen very carefully. It was made sure that the area was easily approachable by the workers living there and in nearby areas.

For further convenience, an office was also t be established to keep the colony organized when developed and to keep an eye on the work progress while the colony was being developed. The Minister also included that the company was trying its best to provide proper facilities and minimize the residential complications. The government, he said, was trying to developing this colony keeping in mind the best interests of the workers and the budget as well.