Dozens Of Militants Killed In Pakistan Air Strike

Officials reported that on Sunday, insurgent areas in the northwest of the country were attacked by Pakistani jets. The jets killed many militants while trying to kill the men who were suspected to have been the ones responsible for the recent airport attacks. There has been considerable pressure on the Pakistani government to deal with unrelenting insurgency. On June 8, a terrorist attack was made on the airport in Karachi which led to 26 people being killed along with 10 attackers. Months ago, the government had decided to undertake negotiations with the militants but the attacks made on the airport reduced the chances of the militants agreeing with the government.

In the reports, the statistics stated that 50 militants had been killed because of the air strikes while some other media reports contradict this statement by saying that about a 100 militants were killed in the strikes made on North Waziristan. The military later said that both, some local and some foreign terrorists were involved in the hideouts which were responsible for planning the attack on Karachi airport. The area attacked being greatly insecure and remotely dangerous and has prevented journalists from entering and finding out the correct number of militants killed.

The strikes occurred in mountainous areas. People living in the North Waziristan reported that they were woken up at midnight by the sounds of jets soaring above. One local occupant from the village of Boyalpur, which is only five miles away from the site where the air strikes were made, Tawab Khan reported that he and his family could hear bangs coming from somewhere a bit far off and his family, in fear, had gathered in the backyard of his house. Northwestern Areas of Pakistan have been the home Uzbek militants for a long time along with a myriad of armed groups such as al-Qaida. Unsurprisingly, out of the people who dies, Uzbeks were in majority.

The most shocking thing about this event was that the Pakistani Taliban and the Islamic Movement Of Uzbekistan had joined hands to attack the Karachi Airport. This group had been formed in Uzbek in 1991 to overthrow the Uzbek government in order to put an Islamic Caliph there instead. Eight hideouts of the militants were targeted in the strikes conducted, reported officials. Officials also reported that out of the many militants killed, Abu Abdul Rehman al-Maani was also killed who was suspected to be one of the masterminds who helped map out the attack on Karachi airport. When the air strikes were conducted, the militants are said to have been planning the perfect time to leave the area.

The air strikes made on Sunday weren’t the first. Earlier, nine hideouts in Tirah valley had been targeted where 25 militants were killed. The numbers haven’t been verified yet by the journalists. Since the area is very dangerous and home to a few al-Qaida foreign fighters, the journalists did not dare to set foot there. Last week, attacks were made on North Waziristan, supposedly killing 13 suspected fighters.