EU wants Duty-free Raw Material

Pakistan signed an agreement earlier today with EU to increase mutual trade between the two countries. The agreement was basically to improve the economic partnership between the two countries. This all was decided at the 5th EU-Pakistan Joint Commission meeting held in Islamabad. The other meeting will be held in Brussels in 2015. According to various sources the EU delegation wanted the export duty removed on various raw materials giving the reason of the demand of Pakistan’s raw material in many industries of Europe. The export duty imposed by Pakistan is to ensure a smooth supply of raw materials to the domestic industries.

According to an official statement maximum market access was allowed under GSP+ which would bring employment and economic growth in the country. Pakistan decided to keep on with 27 international convents. A dialogue was held in respect of this decision which was appreciated by both the sides. According to the Ministry of Commerce, Pakistan’s exports to EU rose up in January and February while declined in March and April under GSP+.  Sources inform that EU has demanded convention plus commitments, like death delay etc. this is not part of the 27 conventions. The EU then Appreciated the measures taken to improve fruit quality especially mango.

The strengthening of the Pakistan-EU relations was also given top priority. Discussion of the five year engagement plan was also done regarding its outcomes. According to the EU delegation statements, EU wants to cooperate with Pakistan to counter terrorism, defence, disarmament and non-proliferation. It wants to see Pakistan as a proper democratic country. It also supports democracy, good governance and rule of law for Pakistan. EU ensured support for additional dialogues such as on disarmament being held on 16th June and on other issues as well will be held in future. EU also supported the economic reforms made by the government of Pakistan.

The issue of energy also came about where it was discussed Pakistan wants to improve its energy supply and it wants a broader tax base. For migration EU called upon the EU-Pakistan Re-admission Agree¬ment. EU also promised assistance on development to Pakistan in science, technology, higher education, trade, governance and human rights, and development and cooperation. The EU praised Pakistan on better human rights protection, it pointed out issues of women, religion and freedom.  There was an agreement to strengthen trade and to work on rural development, administrative capacity, education and governance. Pakistan’s side consisted of FS Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, and EU side by David O’Sullivan who is a member.