Hindus Displaced In North Waziristan

Since a military operation had been taking place in North Waziristan, the people living there saw a threat to their lives. The people not wanting to risk losing their lives fled from there and began searching for shelter elsewhere. Today the media reported that Hindus were also amongst the people who ran away from their homes in order to save themselves. When on 15th June the operation started, the people from this minority had to run away too. They were quite vulnerable and if they hadn’t run, they would have been slaughtered in the operation against the Taliban, both local and foreign living in the area.

Most of the Hindus that fled are said to be from the Balmiki caste. They had spent their lives poorly while living in North Waziristan. The Hindus, Muslims, Christians and other minorities left their homes and took refuge in the KPK province of Pakistan. Though even by taking refuge in KPK, they do not have proper food or facilities. Their needs aren’t fulfilled. Through sources, it has been found that the minorities are far from happy but are in a miserable condition as it is. They complain that they are forced to stay in the Bannu city.

As the needs of the minorities are not being fulfilled by the government, a Christian group in Bannu is trying its level best to provide shelter, food and proper facilities to the Hindu and Christian minorities. A Hindu woman aged 80 fled from the area of Miranshah where she had settled after she got married in 1949. She, along with other tribesmen had been living there for as long as they could remember and had become very attached to their homes. The woman, Jamila Laal expressed her true feelings by saying that she had never imagined she would not be living at her own house and would be homeless.