Imran Khan Wants CM Punjab To Resign

The PTI chairman, Imran Khan, has demanded the CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif to resign after the brutal killings of Tahir Ul Qadri’s supporters. He has also demanded the resignation of the law minister Rana Sanaullah. The PTI chairman held both of them responsible for the great Lahore Killing and named it as a stain in democracy. The party leader gave a press conference at his Bani Gala residence and termed the action of police as un-democratic and said that this brutal act has left his party with no other option but to demand resignation of the two high names.

Naming Shahbaz responsible for the whole act as well as Rana, the PTI chairman also said that Shahbaz is in charge of the province which results in the direct blame going to his side while Rana is responsible for law who also runs the home ministry cannot deny their hand in this Lahore incident. As they are responsible for the main ministries respectively they have to accept this as their own order. Imran also blamed the IGP Police who was un-alarmed of the situation and for this he should be in jail. He demanded justice for the innocent people who were harmed brutally. He also postponed his Bahawalpur rally due to the military operation going on in the country which will now be held on June 27th.

Imran Khan was angry on the federal government for denying the political parties to shown confidence in favor of the military operation. The PTI chairman oversaw this as a neglecting policy by the PM Nawaz Sharif. He also highlighted the one year performance of Nawaz Sharif terming it as poor. According to Imran the PM has poor leadership qualities and is not a strong and capable leader.

The PTI chairman accused Nawaz Sharif of conducting expensive trips abroad from the money of tax payers, not of his own expense. He advised the PM to hold talks with Taliban and other militants as well to conduct peace between the government and the militants. Most of them before the operation were determined to hold talks. He also said about the barriers placed in the Sharif residence when compared to Tahir’s residence. He accused PML-N of taking un-democratic steps only for their own influence and power. He also blamed Shahbaz for Police enrollments, which according to an inquiry are illegal, indicating that 25000 policemen were enrolled illegally.