KPK Government Decides to Cut Down Public-Sector Bodies

The KPK CM has decided to trim down all the public sector related bodies. He said that the justification and fine modification of Information department is a path towards the greater interests of the public sector institutions which will make them more responsive to the public. He added that the government would only trim those institutions which are almost finished to the task and need modification. He said that these kinds of institutions are not responsive to public interests. He also said that the PTI led coalition government I looking to the best towards the public interests protecting their property and giving them justice.

This all was said in his chamber in the KP Assembly. Provincial Minister for Information Shah Farman Khan, MHE Mushtaq Ghani, Ministry Food member Haji Qalander Khan Lodhi and MPA/ Chairman DDAC Abbottabad Sardar Muhammad Idrees, Sardar Naveed Alam President Abbottabad Press Club (APC), Sardar Shafique General Secretary APC, Ahmad Nawaz Khan President Hazara Newspapers Society, Sardar Shujah Ahmad General Secretary HNS, Raja Muhammad Haroon, Aamir Shezad Jadoon, Muhammad Shahid Chaudry and Jaffar Tanoli President Haripur Press Club were present there. This delegation mentioned the efforts of Hazara media playing a vital role in promoting public interests. It put forward problems and demands including non-closure of the Abbottabad regional office of Information which is a very important institution for promoting local media and ads.

Pervez Khattak also acknowledged the role of the print and electronic media of Hazara division which has brought the local public opinion to the international level for different nations of the world. He requested the local media for a positive approach regarding criticism, pointing out flaws in the government and so on. He added that our media had to move on with responsibility keeping in mind the worldly media challenges and its position.

He said that he hopes that our media will surely learn from its mistakes and will always keep the national interests higher than anything else. The CM announced the advertisement policy of the KPK government which is having a transparent mechanism including patterns of advertisements which are supposed to be forwarded to the media. This distribution will be done with just. The government wants to check how it promotes the public interests at best. The CM informed that his decision regarding public sector bodies will stay and will not be changed. At the end he assured full support to solve the problems of the delegation.