Modi Enthusiastic About Working With Pakistan

A few days earlier, the Prime Minister of Pakistan sent a letter to his friend in India, Narendra Modi. In the letter, Sharif made no attempt to hide his desire to work with India. In reply, Modi said that he would be honored to cooperate with Pakistan. Sharif was very satisfied with his meeting with Modi on December 27th. He later wrote that he was looking forward to clear out the difference between them and settle matters that needed settling.

The Prime Minister, once again, on 2nd June wrote a letter to Modi, expressing how important it is for them to clear out their differences and work together if they are to make some economic progress which would result in better conditions for both Pakistan and India. Sharif later expressed his feelings in public saying that he was very satisfied with his discussions with Modi on various topics. People say that this step will help both the countries overcome their obstacles together and make some real progress. Moreover, it will also help to improve relations between India and Pakistan.

Earlier, both of these countries were not on good terms because of the mishaps taking place such as an Indian Soldier was executed by some troops in Pakistan.