MQM law Experts Unhappy At Ignorance of Karachi In Budget 2014-2015

The biggest party in Karachi, Mutahida Qaumi Movement was angry at the various policies introduced in the Sindh Cabinet during the presentation of the budget especially the introduction of new taxes. The members of the party admitted that the imposing of new taxes would result in more problems for the Sindh Government and would make the people unhappy who would result in further problems. To counter this many workers voiced out including Syed Sardar Ahmad, who is the parliamentary leader of MQM, who gave a press conference as well.

The leader said that the government should not increase or over burden the tax net, which is already creating problems for common man. He demanded the property tax to be stable and not to be increased further. The party workers along with him opposed the new imposed taxes on different services. The party also objected to the distribution of funds which it claimed not to be according to the formula of national finance commission which said that the provincial government would get 42.5% of the funds whereas the local government would get 57.5%. The reason behind the objection was that the party thought that levying new taxes would provoke many people against the Sindh Government.

The party members in the cabinet demanded the stopping of increasing the tax net by imposing new taxes on services and also the Stamp Duty. The leader Sardar revealed that the land tax was collected in excuse of tax on agriculture which is basically the tax on income received by the agriculture. He also gave an idea of getting these unnecessary taxes under the tax net and to stop on increasing it for minor services. He also expressed that if the land tax was generated in a stable way this would result in a better government. 

According to MQM economic injustices were done with Karachi as only Rs 42 billion were reserved for the development of Karachi even though many people in the assembly spoke against it as Karachi is the main economical hub of the country. The party workers were thinking about the misguided CM of Sindh on Karachi which seemed the work of the government. When the budget was discussed Karachi was consistently ignored and it seemed like the Sindh Government was dooming itself. Sardar also stated that Karachi was the main city of the country, which was totally ignored in the budget calculation.