MQM MNA Injured In Lahore

Tahira Asif, the lady MP from MQM (Muttahida Qaumi Movement) was attacked yesterday in Iqbal town, Lahore. She received various wounds because of the assault made on her by an unidentified group of motorcyclists. Reports say that she left her house with her 20 year old daughter in Wafaqi Colony, only to be followed by two men wearing masks when her car neared Allama Iqbal Town, specifically, the Moon Market. As soon as she exited her car, she found herself being fired upon by the gunmen. Due to her condition she was immediately taken to the hospital.

One of the bullets fired by the gunmen hit her artery causing severe bleeding. She was injected with about a dozen blood bags. The MNA also received four bullets directed towards her legs and ribs. Tahira Asif’s husband, Mian Asif the Assistant Director at FIA reported that his wife had been receiving threats for a while now. He had reported the threats directly to the former CCPO, about four months back but no action had been taken. Shahbaz Sharif, the Chief Minister has taken it into his hands to find the culprits involved. Furthermore, due to the fact that unidentified men attacked the member of the National Assembly, Tahira Asif, he was very sympathetic.

A statement revealed that Nawaz Sharif had also prayed that Tahira Asif would be up and well in no time. Meanwhile, Pervez Rasheed, Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator, said that he will make sure to find the people responsible for shooting at Tahira Asif and injuring her to the extent that her condition was now critical. The spokeswoman for the PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf), Shereen Mizari condemned the attack made on Tahira Asif and demanded that the culprits should be found as soon as possible and should be arrested immediately.