MQM Says Its Time to Eliminate Terrorists in Pakistan

Altaf Hussain, the leader of Pakistan’s MQM (Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s) party, emphasized the need for proper measures to be taken to protect Pakistan from the terrorist attacks. He explained that Pakistan could never be safe and in peace as long as the terrorists remained to terrorize the people in Pakistan. It was reported that he said that in order for Pakistan to develop, it was vital that it was well protected from terrorists. The killing of a few commander terrorists in the bombing in Waziristan by jet fighters of the Pakistan North Waziristan Agency, the NWA, led Hussain to conclude that all terrorists from Pakistan must be wiped out.

Recent media reports have reached a controversial point as some say that 50 terrorists were killed in the bombing will some say 150 were killed. On the 36th Foundation Day of All Pakistan Muttahida students Organisation, Hussain attended the meeting through phone and cleared that his party, MQM, was against all actions of violence and terrorism and he and his part wanted nothing but peace to be established in this state of Pakistan. Moreover, he said that people were being driven out of their homes and forced to take refuge in tribal areas. Hussain also said that if by any chance, God forbid, the terrorists are successful in completing their goals, men will be brutally murdered and women caved.