Musharraf Seeks Freedom After Court Order

The former ruler of Pakistan as well its former chief of army staff has requested the government to break the shackles imposed on him and allow him to go abroad. In the latest ruling made by the court, it lifted the un-travel ban allowing the former member of Pakistan Army to travel abroad. The ban was previously put on by him by the government. According to some sources of information belonging to a Pakistani news channel, Musharraf had requested the Secretary of Interior to remove him from the list of ELC so that he could visit his mother in Abu Dhabi after the Sindh High Court gave the ruling.

According to the letter written by Musharraf, he has demanded the immediate approval of the ruling and has stated that this ruling confirms or brings about the final decision. The letter also had his mother’s health certificate attached. However this decision will help Musharraf pass the line of legal troubles and he will surely achieve something out of his busy court schedule. He has been suffering through some different cases such as the imposing of emergency in 207 and also of the reason behind the tensioned relations of military and civil service. If he goes abroad it would help the government to solve the other issues like dealing with Taliban Attacks like in Karachi this week.

The main judge behind this ruling confirmed the ban removed and gave a 15 days’ time to anyone to file the appeal against Musharraf to the Supreme Court or else the plan will be in Musharraf’s way. According to some people this is a trick to avoid the response of the criminal doings during his rule. His lawyer Farough Naseem added that Musharraf does not desire to be called a criminal for the rest of his life and he will be ready to come back whenever it is required.

Since the ban he has been living with his daughter in Karachi where earlier he had some health issues resolved by a Navy Hospital. This medical treatment has been running consistently after the incident of the hearing where he faced some serious heart problems and then was shifted to a hospital. He has shown some eagerness to visit his mother who is her 90’s by a request in a hearing in March where his request was denied by the authorities who did not approve the act of leaving.