Pervez Musharraf Is In A Hurry To Leave Pakistan

The former general has requested or filed a petition in the Sindh High Court to make him leave Pakistan as soon as possible. The former president has requested very eagerly to change its decision of giving a 15 days' time to the government to appeal so that he can leave in peace after being excluded from ELC. The request also includes the reason behind the hurry which is the illness of his mother who is in Dubai at the moment. Another petition was presented to the court of conducting the hearing as soon as possible. These requests were summoned into court by Justice Irfan Sadiq Khan and Justice Zafar Ahmad Rajpoot.

Another bench comprising of senior judges will supervise the hearing and will resume it on Saturday. Before this the Anti-Terrorism Court gave away a 1 day exemption to the former president due to the issue of detention of judges. The advisors of Musharraf presented the health report of the former president mentioning the order of full rest given by the doctor to Musharraf which was not accepted by the Special Prosecutor. The hearing of Anti-Terrorism court will be held on 27th June while the Special Court still rallying the case of 2007 emergency will announce its decision today.

Yesterday the Sindh High Court ordered the government to lift the travel ban off the former president which has put a line between Musharraf and legal troubles. This then resulted in Musharraf writing a letter to the Interior Secretary to remove is name from the Exit Control List (ELC). The letter states the illness of his mother in Sharjah and his own health issues like the fracture of his backbone which cannot be cured in Pakistan. This decision of Sindh High Court is the final decision to end the case and the decision of Supreme Court is useless and can be termed as provisional after this decision. The letter was provided with his mother’s medical certificate as well.

These cases rose against him when he came back in Pakistan to fight election whereas he was charged of his criminal activities during his rule of almost 9 years. One of the charges is of the imposing of Emergency. The government has been given time to appeal by the court so anything can change. Despite the reasons given by Musharraf many people see it as an excuse to run away and avoid the pressed charges.