Police Requested to Increase Security around the Capital

The police have been put on high alert because of the serious threats by terrorists. The police force has been asked to secure the federal capital by the government to prevent any threat to the lives of the people from any terrorist attack. The government has also started cooperating with other agencies to provide better security. On the orders of Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, the interior minister, Sultan Azam Temuri, Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) Operation, set out to make sure that that the police force was coordinated to respond to the attacks.

As per a senior police official, at the meeting Temuri was given these orders, he was in the presence of all three, the DSPs, SSP and SPs along with a few other officials. At the meeting, the officials mostly talked about the current city conditions and discussed ways to put an end to the events which were responsible for disrupting the peace in the country. Furthermore, the official gave the SPs and DSPs their share of the work. The SPs were responsible to make sure that proper security was being provided and had to introduce a couple of strict police measures to ensure safety.

At the same time, the DSPs were required to search the vehicles thoroughly and should remain alert along with their assistants. The officials also cooperated with the AIG special branch and Crime Investigation Department (CID). They were asked to conduct thorough investigation of the suspects and not neglect even the smallest of details from the overall information obtained. The CID and AIG special branch was also supposed to make sure that their staff was working appropriately and productively. The SPs were given orders to keep note of the slum areas and record the statistics of the recently conducted surveys.

The officials increased the list of responsibilities for the SPs by assigning them to check all the hotels currently residing in their assigned area and also keep a record of the people living or visiting the hotel along with their complete information. Moreover, the criminal elements residing in the slum areas were to be taken care of and a proper record was to be kept of all the offenders of the law. Checks were to conducted once in a while to ensure that cops were working responsibly and their progress was to be reviewed as well. Hospitals, markets, bazaars, mosques, Imambargahs, hotels, schools, universities, bus stands, colleges and other public places were to ensure that they had proper security provisions.