PTI Budget Not Helpful For People; Pervez Rashid

The senior senator and a high positioned politician of PML-N has stated that Imran Khan should focus more on the condition of the state keeping I mind the social interest of the people and the governance of the province. The minister also outlined the main differences between the budgets of his own party and PTI. The main thing he pointed out was that KPK was quite a lot behind in the race in socio-economic development of the people. PTI has given more interest to education than the governance of the undeveloped KP.

According to the analysis of different experts on the respected budgets PTI was quite a lot behind PML-N. There were different sectors discussed including education, health, transport and agriculture. The statistics show that PML-N ha a 27.3% share in education as compared to 21.3% of PTI. There were other sectors like in health PTI had a share of 6.17% compared to PML-N’s 27.49%. PML-N’s share for agriculture was 1.49% compared to 0.39% of PTI. Similarly in transport PTI just reserved 1% while PML-N reserved 11.9%. This all was also highlighted by the senior minister. After all these sectors summed up the development charge of both parties differ a lot. The development rate of PTI is 9.8% but PML-N has a higher development rate of 34.5%.

Even though PTI’s biggest share was in education but still Pervez pointed out that is still lacked behind. He also pointed out the sectors of health and agriculture. He also stated that PTI was less concerned over the province and its interest and was not focusing on it. naming the above mentioned sectors as the most important the minister accused the party of not having the required focus. Here was much importance given to Asad Umar who is PTI’s expert in budget making but this tie according to the others he had failed.

Highlighting the budget of his own party he stated the cut of expenses of the federal government and also of the PM and President Houses. He also gave the difference of the salaries of the two cabinets mentioning that in his party’s cabinet no salaries were given an increase but on PTI’s cabinet increased the salaries by almost 100%. He also praised the interest of PTI show on development projects which could turn out to be the first phase for development for the inexperienced government.