Rebels and the Local Families Start Leaving In Fear of Full-Scale Operation

Many families in Kabul/Miramshah have started moving towards Afghanistan after an expected full-sized military attack by the government forces on the rebels. The foreign forces currently in the country have also started moving in fear of the attack. Pakistan Army has been conducting air strikes on Taliban forces as a reply this act has resulted in the Karachi Airport incident. The US drone attacks have also been alleged of action as a missile after 6 months raced away towards the militants in North Waziristan. Many Afghans have found shelter in Pakistan to avoid war in their country but the rumor of a full-scale military operation has resulted in many Afghanis to go back to their own country.

According to a provincial governor in Afghanistan, around 300 families of Pakistan have started migrating in fear of the expected operation. The Afghanis have provided shelter to 100 of them and vaccinations in fear of polio have also been given. A full-scale operation has been the best option for the Pakistan Army which might result in more migration through the unmarked Pak-Afghan border. This all has started in response of air strikes by the army which has resulted in violating peace especially in the Karachi Airport. This increasing violence is also the reason behind the local and foreign migration. The locals have informed the authorities about the escape of Haqqani Group as well. The operation is in full force except the final push which might result in heavy casualties in major cities of the country. According to the officials around 60000 people have let Pakistan.

Some foreign militants like the Chechens, Uzbeks, Turkmen, Tajiks and Uighurs have started fleeing from villages in Miramshah while the others have found refuge in mud houses near the barren highlands. According to the residents around 80% foreign and local militants have left North Waziristan. Jirga groups have been formed to hold peace talks with the tribesmen who have announced loyalty to Pakistan and have asked the foreigners to leave the country. These people according to the intelligence have moved towards un-supervised Afghan border areas like Shawal and Birmal which is good as less resistance will be seen.

Fewer movements have been recorded of the Haqqani group as they have moved towards the neighboring state. The officials have confirmed less threat as many groups have migrated but these groups may return causing mayhem in the country.