Relief Activities Started for the Tide Affected People

An order was given by the chief minister of Sindh, Qaim Ali Shah, to the authorities to start all the necessary work to help in making up for the loss suffered by people living near coastal areas. The authorities contacted were Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), Relief & Rehabilitation Department and district administration of Thatta, Sujjawal and Karachi to supervise the affected places and to help the people with different facilities comprising of medics, food, water and shelter. The CM also contacted the deputy commissioners of all the districts to remain firm in these activities and to help the authorities in carrying out their work with ease. A budget of 20 million rupees for each District’s Disaster Management Authority center in the province so that all the facilities could be provided immediately.

This all was discussed in a very important meeting comprising of many important authority members, which the CM himself attended, to see the progress of the activities being conducted. The CM pressed harder on Thatta when he ordered the secretary finance to hand over 20 million rupees immediately to avoid further disastrous loses. The CM also claimed that he had visited the affected area of Thatta himself with two authorized members and inspected the situation on ground.

The CM stated that these types of disasters are very dangerous and the necessary requirements to stop these disasters were missing such as there were less mangrove forests which help against cyclones. He also said that he had been fighting for the right of sending water downstream on to the Kotri Indus delta where people would get fresh and clean water and would stop harming the small ecological system. This complaint was also brought to the Federal Government which is quiet at the moment. The CM praised the efforts of the departments working there. He also added that new solar plants like the Reverse Osmosis plant to provide clean and fresh water to the people.

The CM Qaim Ali Shah also said that some long term planning is being done to coop with such disasters like the idea of building a high coastal highway to reduce the damage. He also assured that the Sindh Government is working very hard on this issue. This can be reasoned with the idea of a new department dealing coastal affairs including protection from such disasters. Another measure, which the Sindh government is taking is to rebuild the Thatta-Sujjawal bridge.