Sharif and Fazal Step Forward for Friendship

A very important meeting will be held between the PM Nawaz Sharif and the JUI-F’s chairman Maulana Fazal Ul Rahman. This meeting will be held to remove all the misunderstandings between the two leaders. There has been a strained relationship between the two parties for quite a lot of time which the PM thinks to sort out as soon as possible to avoid any problems in the coming years. According to some reliable sources this meeting will be held in a next few days.

The same sources have informed that Sharif communicated Fazl on the telephone to fix a meeting on a suitable day. However time was consumed by Fazl due to personal issues which postponed the meeting and now it is expected that the meeting might take place next week most probably. This telephonic contact was confirmed by the members of JUI-F.  This talk was mainly an agreement on removing the differences between the two respected leaders. The source also confirmed the issues of the party which was the disagreement with its senior partner on PPO 2014 and on other issues like the difference of policies on war and terror and on inclusion of cabinet members.

According to the same sources PML-N’s two members including the finance minister and the minister for science and technology also held some talks with JUI-F as representatives from PML-N but they rejected all the concessions. The history tells us that these kinds of talks have always failed and keeping in mind this JUI-F has rejected the offer. This then resulted in PM Sharif calling the party chairman Fazl. Fazl is busy as he is in Kalat attending the marriage of his party’s general secretary’s daughter. He was supposed to return today and the meeting was due on Monday if PM agrees. If the circumstances change then the meeting will be held after the next week.

According to the members of the party Fazl s looking forward to solve the issues with PML-N as well with PTI especially the cabinet members issue. The long going issue of politics a problem as well which JUI-F has been trying to resolve proving that politics is based on principles? JUI-F demands ministries for itself through these talks which would strengthen its position in politics. The experts say that this relationship is in an uncertain position and is difficult to restore in good ties again between the two giants.