Treason Case Registered after Investigation; Secretary Interior

Pervez Musharraf continues to face problems as a treason case was registered to the Special court, informed by Secretary Interior Shahid Khan who claimed that this case was brought to the desk after inquiry and investigation. This was done after the Sindh High Court issued a 15 days’ time to the government or any individual to speak against the decision of removing Musharraf’s name from ELC. The Special Court questioned the decisions counter appeal which was then reassured by the Secretary Interior that the case was registered after tough investigation of General (retired.) Pervez Musharraf.

The three-member bench of the Special Court, led by Justice Faisal Arab, including Justice Tahira Safdar and Justice Yawar Ali, resumed the hearing of the former ruler on abolishing and destabilizing the Constitution by declaration of Emergency on November 03, 2007. During the hearing Musharraf’s lawyer Farough Nasim questioned the secretary interior Shahid Khan. First of all Farough Nasim questioned Shahid Khan, Interior Secretary about the existence of a law allowing a chief authority to order an Interior Secretary to file a complaint against Pervez Musharraf. Shahid khan was also questioned before that who had ordered him to file a complaint against the retired general.

As a reply the Interior Secretary said that he received the order from the Prime Minister House after which an inquiry was conducted. After proper investigation the case was registered to the Court.  On question of the letter Shahid Khan said that he has a proven copy of the letter he received. He received that he was unaware of any such law. He added that as the Prime Minister is the Head of the State so he can order inclusion in any case. He also informed the court that Prime Minister had given orders regarding different cases as he had the authority.

He claimed that this investigation against Pervez Musharraf had been started on the orders of the Prime Minister and he did not file the complaint. He also said that the spacing of the case regarding violation of article 6 was put onto hold in the eyes of Supreme Court and was kept for investigation as directed by the Apex Court. He added that the Federal Government had filed a complaint on a joint investigation team and nothing further was done. Lead Prosecutor Akram Sheikh objected to Farough Nasim's questions but Justice Faisal Arab rejected the objection. In protest he left the courtroom. This will continue till the trial hearing on Wednesday.