Kashmir Issue Raised By Nawaz Sharif in A Meeting With UN Secretary

New York: The Kashmir Issue was discussed by PM Nawaz Sharif in his meeting with UN Secretary Baan Ki-Moon.

Mr. Sharif was of the view that the Kashmir conflict has been one of the most long standing issues in the history of UN Security Council, reported the Pakistan Foreign office. Further, he requested the Secretary General to initiate the process for the passive solution for the issue according to the appropriate UN Security Council resolutions.

The Premier is very likely to raise the issue in his address to the General Assembly today; the government stated. There is also very less chance of dialogue between the two countries unless this matter is acted upon.

The Foreign Secretary, Ajaz Ahmad Chaudhry said while talking to reporters in New York that there is no such reason for the Prime Minister to hold the raise of the issue in the General Assembly session today. ‘Pakistan has still faith in referendum for solving this issue,' he further added.

India was the one to call for the talks. It is now on its side to initiate any interaction; Chaudhry said blaming India for cancelling the bilateral talks earlier.