PTI Brought A Massive Crowd On Sunday To Minar-i-Pakistan

Once again PTI brought a massive crowd, and atmosphere was filled with the chants of “Go Nawaz Go” in Lahore today.

Chairman PTI, Imran Khan announced during his speech at the venue of Minar-i-Pakistan that more protests would be held, and next would be in Mianwali. After Mianwali, this protest would lead to Multan, he added. He stressed his stance again for not leaving the protest till Nawaz Sharif resigns. He further added that he should submit his resignation and should not be Prime Minister until the election rigging investigation completes.

Imran Khan said that a case has already been initiated against Nawaz Sharif for lying in the parliament, where he has taken the oath for not lying when he was holding the office as the Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2013. He further added that Nawaz Sharif lied previously with former President of Pakistan; General Pervez Musharraf, but the lie was exposed by the Saudi Prince.

Imran also said that fake hand written results were submitted by the returning officers which were generated without the real counting. He added that the act was supervised under the control of former Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. He announced his next out of Islamabad protest in Mianwali on Thursday.