Rains and Floods in Pakistan Claim 73 Lives, Military Deployed

Pakistan military has been deployed to for rescue operation after the flash floods, monsoon rains and related accidents that have already killed 73 people, most of whom from Punjab, during last two days. The downpour started on Wednesday and still continues in various parts of Punjab and Kashmir.

Army is helping people evacuate the affected areas, Major General Asim Saleem Bjawa, Military spokesperson, said in a statement. According to the rescue official, the people who died belonged in Punjab and Kashmir, the most affected areas. Causes of deaths were collapsing of roofs, drowning and electrocution.

16, including 3 women, died in Lahore as rains leveled houses in many areas of Lahore. 6 people were killed in Gujranwala, 5 in Faisalabad, 5 in Sialkot, 4 in Kasur, 3 in Khanewal, 2 in Okara and 1 in Sheikhupura as result of collapsed roofs. Four deaths in the city of Kasur were caused by the electrocution.

In Kashmir, 7 civilians and 3 soldiers were killed in flash floods and landslides which withered the mountainous region.

Raining started in Lahore on Wednesday afternoon and uninterruptedly continued till yesterday. The entire city was inundated.

Through the Head Marala, a peak of 467,000 cusecs water passed on the Chenab River. Over next 24 hours, level of water in the river is expected to further rise, threatening several low-lying areas of Gujranwala and Sialkot.

Also, there are chances of breaches or spillovers at susceptible places along with high to very high floods in nullahs of Chenab and Ravi Rivers in Sialkot region.