Is Ayyan Ali Living Like Normal Prisoners In The Jail?

The supermodel of Pakistan, Ayyan Ali, who rose to the heights of fame when she was only 16, is now spending her days at Adiala Jail in Rawalpindi. She is now 23 years old and has been put behind bars for attempting to take a huge amount of money out of the country on a plane. It was on March 14 when Ayyan Ali was stopped at airport in Islamabad for having a huge sum of $500,000 in her possession. This huge amount was resting nowhere but her suitcase that she was carrying with her. She was caught right in the act.

The total limit on the amount of currency that a person can take out of Pakistan is $10,000. She was caught for not only breaking this rule but also under the allegations that this money was being taken out of the country for money laundering purposes. Ayyan was quite vehement in defending her position by saying that this was legal money that was carrying with her. As for breaking the limit of cash that can be taken out of the country she said that she had no knowledge of the rules and regulations governing this aspect of traveling.

Ayyan, as she is known on media, has stated several times that the money she was carrying is a result of some property sales that she had performed recently. The legal proceedings had been going on for quite some time now but her application for bail could not see the grounds of success. Her application has been dismissed for now and this means she will have to live a few more days in the jail in Rawalpindi. It must be mentioned here that if money laundering charges are proved correct against her, she might stay in jail for 14 years.

In addition to 14 years in jail she will have to pay heavy fines too. However, a recent concern for media is how she is being kept in the prison. Most believe that she is being given a “VIP” treatment in the jail and not kept like other normal prisoners. It was printed in a newspaper that Ayyan has been given a luxurious room to live in the jail where she not only has access to TV but all the amenities of a 5-star hotel. Additionally, she also has a mobile phone that can pass through signal jammers in the jail.

When police officers at the jail were contacted they stated otherwise. They have mentioned that Ayyan is living in the jail just like other prisoners and in fact there are 10 other female prisoners living with her in the same prison. Just like other females in the jail with her she can only meet her family 2 times in a week. No particular dress code is followed in the jail for any prisoner so Ayyan is not bound to wear a particular uniform. Lastly, her request for b-class jail category is being considered since she has completed 14 years of education.