Australian Foreign Minister Comes To Pakistan To Discuss Mutual Cooperation

Australian ministers rarely visit Pakistan but this time Australia’s foreign minister has come to Pakistan to talk about several things. The main purpose of the visit is to promote cooperation between two countries and make the relations stronger by supporting and helping each other in several fields.

The Australian foreign minister, Julie Bishop, will stay in Pakistan for 2 days. During the 2-day visit she will also go to Lahore to meet Mian Shahbaz Sharif. She is also scheduled to meet the prime minister and the chief of army staff.

Her first meeting will be with the advisor of the prime minister of the country. She will hold meeting with Sartaj Aziz to talk about foreign affairs and other security related matters.

The second day of her visit will be the most important one because that’s when she will meet chief of army staff General Raheel Sharif and the prime minister of the country Mian Nawaz Shareef.

The Australian foreign minister spoke to the media after reaching Pakistan and said that her main purpose to meet the government officials of Pakistan is to talk about various international issues and regional affairs. She also said that the focus of her talks would be partnership between the two countries and strengthening the relation.

She said the current relationship between the two countries can go a long way and she is here to make it stronger. She said the main focus of the talks would be to make arrangements in order to improve agricultural, sports, education, investment and other trading ties between the two countries. Defense and security are also the top most important subjects that will be discussed during the meetings. She said as a result of these talks she expects the bilateral trading and economic relation between the two countries to get better.

One important part of her visit is to talk about women and power of women. She will speak to higher government officials and a group of lawmakers about the empowerment of women in the country. She will also talk about the back of Australia for Pakistan on women related issues.

The last day of her visit will be spent in Lahore. In Lahore she will meet Mian Shahbaz Shareef, the chief minister of Punjab, and talk about her visit and various issues related to internal relations between the two countries.

There is a project launched by Australia in Pakistan and she would also take part in the inauguration of this particular project.

Just two months back the two countries were discussing their ties when it came to security and defense of the region. Military training is also part of the talks and plans that will be executed in future by both the countries. General Raheel Sharif had already arranged meetings with the Air Chief Marshal and Chief of Defense Force of Australia Mark Binskin regarding the cooperation between both the countries on the matters of security and defense of the region. The visit from foreign minister of Australia starts today.