Interior Minister Takes Notice Of BBC Report Against MQM

BBC report against MQM has been a point of discussion since its leakage two days ago. According to the Foreign Office Spokesperson, Interior Minister has also taken notice of BBC report.

Giving press briefing in the capital city, Qazi Khalilullah said the interior ministry is reviewing the issue and soon will come on a conclusion after finding all facts and figures about it.

Claiming criminal activities of Muttahida Qaumi Movement, the BBC report says that members of MQM party own its power-base in the southern city of Karachi. According to the report, many party members had received military training at camps in during the last 10 years. Furthermore, the report claims that Indian intelligence agency RAW has been helpful to provide funds to the party.

MQM seems to be running in cyclone for last few months. Conflict with rangers, separation from Peoples Party, and now BBC report; all this have collected stones in the political party’s lap. Whether they survive or get a final political dawn, it has yet to be seen in coming days.