Asifa Asks Provincial Government To Ensure Every Child Gets Polio Booster

Asifa Zardari was seen actively concerned on the subject of her campaign to help the children of Pakistan get rid of Polio. After the recent detection of Polio virus in one of Quetta's children, the polio ambassador of Sindh asked provincial health sector to widen the area of efforts being made for removing the virus in province. She also addressed bureaucrats and legislative bodies of diverse local and international organizations for taking all possible measures for polio eradication in Sindh.

Asifa Zardari was presiding a meeting that was called at Bilawal House on Friday. The purpose of the gathering was to reviewing the overall progress of the provincial government’s strategies to reduce the crippling virus.

Following the meeting, the young ambassador posted a message on Tweeter where she wrote she was briefed on polio by the representatives of UNICEF, WHO, Gates Foundation and health section of Sindh on Friday. There was a strong spotlight given on children who were left from having the polio booster.

The first baby to be given polio booster following his mother, assassinated PM Pakistan Benazir Bhutto was the lady who initiated polio campaigns all over the country in 1994. Asifa in a new tweeter message said she calls on all politicians to re-double their efforts for future polio campaigns in the country.

A representative of PPP quoted Asifa as stating that staff and lady volunteers had a significant role in each polio campaign. Ms Zardari cherished their part in their neighboring areas for polio eradication.

The ambassador asked Sindh government to make sure no child is left to be administered with polio vaccine no matter where he or she resides.

It was earlier told Ms Zardari that about thirty cases having infected victims were revealed from all over the province. This number included 23 infected children in the provincial capital alone whereas the rest cases came from other districts of Sindh. The number was comparatively decreased   since last year and the department found no case from Karachi though 4 cases were appeared from other regions of Sindh.

As per the information given by the officials in the meeting, over 1,607,255 children up to of five years received polio vaccine in numerous regions of the province.

It was quoted Asifa Zardari as saying that her mother dreamed to clear Pakistan from polio and she was the one who initiated polio campaign at the national level.

Shehnaz Wazeer Ali who serves as the coordinator for polio in Sindh along with Secretary Health was there to talk about the agenda. Besides the legislative bodies of World Health organization, Bill gates foundation, UNICEF, and Melinda were also presented there.