Mountaineer to Be Rescued by Pakistan Army Chopper

A Mountaineer named Robert Jackson from the US was rescued by Pakistan army helicopter from the encampment of K2 on Wednesday.

The 38yrs old mountaineer was developing high-altitude sickness causing him discontinue his journey. He along with 27 other members travelled to Pakistan on June 16, 2015 with the intention of K2 expedition.

Pakistan draws many foreigners to mountaineering in high peaks of the country. Mostly climbing lovers prefer a dreadful yet determined mountaineering in K2. Unfortunately there are no proper rescue services in Pakistan to be aiding the mountaineers in their journey; and what is available is not free of cost.

It is interesting to learn that foreigners coming to Pakistan for climbing have to deposit an amount of $10,000 at Askari Aviation before they are all set for mountaineering 8,000 metre-plus height.

Since Pakistan lacks proper rescue services for climbers, those who are desperate for mountaineering have no other choice than to asking Pakistan army for rescuing services.

According to a spokesman of Pakistan Alpine Club, Karrarr Haydri, the mountaineers who don't have enough money to deposit with the aviation sign a bond verifying that they wouldn't sought after any rescuing services of Askari Aviation. Moreover they have no objections if their bodies would be forsaken at the mountain. The member also elaborated the facts saying that’s how rescuing services in developed countries are provided at no cost.

On the other hand, it also involve relevant embassy in the federal capital picking up the bills to make sure that the wounded or missing climber is rescued.

Another instance of rescuing foreign climbers was seen in 2013 when Pak Army helicopter pilots pressed their machines to the restrictions and flew flying 7,500 metres high searching three climbers who came from Iran and wanted to attempt their first 8,000 metre-plus acme. The climbers were lost mid of their fall. Although the Iranian mountaineers were never found regardless of various rescue tales but it was later revealed that they lost their way on Broad Peak.