MQM Kicks Out Mohammad Anwar from Rabita Committee

Senior member of Muttahida Qaumi Movement, Mohammad Anwar was kicked out from the Rabita committee by the party on Sunday. The close aide of Altaf Hussain was removed from the party's central coordination committee on the charge of his continuous absence from important meetings.

Rabita Committee issued a statement saying the move was taken bearing Mohammad Anwar’s continuous illness which had frequently caused him to refrain from attending committee meetings.

The statement released by MQM further enlightened the party at present is a topic of direct political retribution by the hands of the establishment. Such circumstances requires every senior member of Rabita committee be present all the time and remain physically and mentally well.

According to the statement, prolonged ill health had caused a significantly effect on Mohammad Anwar's memory.

Addressing all party members of Muttahida Qaumi Movement, the statement issued on Sunday stated that Mohammad Anwar was no longer a member of the Rabita Committee and so all workers are told not to come in touch with him on organizational matters.

MQM recognized Mohammed Anwar for his contributions he had made in the favor of the party in times of pressure. However it was also noticed that there was no active interest by the senior leader in the party's organizational matters seen in recent times.

In a meanwhile, a Rabita Committee meeting held on Sunday where the members came to a mutual point deciding to infuse the coordination committee with senior and active leaders who would be replacing those are not to accomplish their duties.

It is relevant to state here that London Metropolitan Police took Anwar In the custody in connection to a money laundering scandal back in April this year. He was investigated for hours before being released on bail. His bail in the money laundering case is extended till October, along with Tariq Mir and Altaf Hussain a few days back.