Sharjeel Memon Says Apex Committee Will Continue Karachi Operation

Sindh government initiated the operation against criminal elements in Karachi in September 2013. The decision was taken after the federal government assigned Rangers with special powers leading to a targeted progress in the collaboration with police against criminals. These were the criminal elements already identified by central forces and civilian agencies for their suspected participation in targeted murders, gang wars, and kidnappings for money, extortion, and intimidation in Karachi.

Whether the operation against criminals in Karachi be continued or concluded for now; having the agenda of making a decision on the matter, there was the apex committee meeting held in the CM house in Karachi on Saturday evening where members of the committee members mutually decided to go on with the operation against criminal elements in the provincial capital.

Talking to the media, Sharjeel Memon said after taking a through look at all important measures of the operation again criminals in Karachi, the committee came to a decision that the operation against criminals should be continued until the last criminal’s extinction in the city.

Information Minister for Sindh said the operation had appreciably taken crimes to an end in the city however there was still ample to pull off.

According to the minister, committee was also agreed on expediting action against forbidden outfits and taking the action against those assisting terrorists and smoothing their terrorism process. The committee was told that there are a few madaris involving in the support of extremism that eventually lead terrorization on the name of religion.

Memon said the operation will also target those who play in the hands of India for some pennies. Moreover, people using charity funds to support rebel activities are on the target too.

In the response to a query, the minister said there was no discussion about rangers’ special powers in Karachi took place in the meeting however the final decision on the matter is to be taken in provincial assembly.

The apex committee reviewed an overall execution of the National Action Plan and learned about its achievements. The members applauded Rangers and police for their efforts to curb extortion, kidnap for ransom, and other common offenses in the city.

The committee had a thorough assessment of the National Action Plan’s execution. The ongoing operation in the city was also a hot topic of discussion in the meeting presided by CM Sindh, Qaim Ali Shah.

The members of meeting included provincial Home Minister Suhail Anwar Siyaal, C. Commander Karachi Lieutenant Gen. Naveed Mukhtaar, Governor Dr Ishratul Ibad, Major General Bilal Akbar, and DG of Rangers Sindh.

It was also made clear that Rangers are not acting against the Sindh government instead only those alleged in corruption are being targeted. These are the people who have strong connection with terrorist activities and help terrorists in financial terms.

The paramilitary force and Sindh government were also agreed on a boost in mutual aid between the two organizations. They were also agreed to perk up intelligence sharing amongst police, paramilitary forces and other law-enforcement agencies.

The Sindh Apex Committee meeting lasted for two hours where the reservations between provincial government and the paramilitary force were also eliminated.