Small City’s Fruit Vendor Obtains Second Position In SSC Examination

Poverty is not a hindrance to walk on the way of achievements as the uphill struggle never allows so. And this goes true by a poor boy who obtained 2nd position in the annual SSC exams.

The results were out by both the intermediate and secondary education boards throughout the province of Punjab bringing a reward for someone who had been burning midnight oil to reach the distinction.

Realizing the responsibility towards his poor family, the 16yrs old Hamza Ali supports his family by vending fruits at Chungi no 8 of the small city and looks forward for a better future owing to his hard work for education.

Ali Hamza, the hard worker from Daska- a small city of Punjab thanks to Almighty for rewarding him such a higher position against his efforts.

Talking to media persons, Ali demonstrated his deep interest in educating himself to achieve a better tomorrow. The boy intends to continue with vending fruits in order to maintaining his family and to go ahead with higher education.

The former student of Daska's government school for high education believes in the poise of labor. He is a young fruit vendor and contented with his fruit business that has been a way of feeding his family members and pursing his educational needs.

Hamza's parents are medically unfit to do any work and that makes the young vendor to labor first to make sure his family is maintained. The same caused him coming back straight to his cart even after receiving his medal and prize for his achievement.

Believing in the power of his parents' prayers Hamza feels himself the world's richest man.

"I want to go for engineering so that I can give my best to my territory", he said.

Not only the boy and his proud parents are happy with Hamza's success but other people in their town too are visiting him with sweets and gifts to appreciate his dedication toward education. His school's headmaster Ejaz Ahmed has the plans for honoring Hamza after summer vacations.