Battle of Electing New Chief Minister of Sindh Ends: Murad Ali Shah Wins

The matter of giving extension in rangers’ stay in the province has been a nightmare for Sindh government since their presence, and it keeps hanging for nothing every time of the expiration of a set-duration stay. Same happened earlier in the following month when the set-duration of Pakistan rangers ended and the former head of the state was not in the position to decide over the matter himself. He went Dubai on the call of the party leadership to discuss the matter but didn’t know that he would have to resign from his seat.

And then flashed the news that no one had imagined saying that the Pakistan People’s Party who has been bearing lots of criticism for its bad governance in Sindh has finally decided to replace Syed Qaim Ali Shah’s place with Murad Ali Shah who is a relatively young member of the party and has been serving the province as a finance minister since 2013.

The formal cabinet election was held on Friday, July 29, 2016 where Shah received 88 votes and stroked Khurram Sher Zaman who could barely take 3 votes from the house. Chaired by Agha Siraj Durrani, the session held as a one-sided competition that highly went in PPP’s favor due to being in the majority in the Sindh Cabinet.

The Provincial governing body comprises of 168 members whereas 3 of those seats are vacant at present. Among the 165 members of provincial assembly, the Pakistan People’s Party has the majority with 91 seats which made it give PPP’s nominee the best part to be the victor.

Although it appeared as a chuckling story for PTI to sail through the one-sided battle for the CM election with having only four members in the house, they casted their votes as their former party member Syed Hafizuddin had quit the PTI and resigned as MPA to join PSP (Mustafa Kamal).

MQM, who is the second majority with 50 seats in the house, did not participate in the voting process but was present on the front scene during the election. Khawaaja Izhar-ul Hasan, the opposition leader told the media that their party wouldn’t take part in the voting process and would act as neutral. He said MQM lawmakers had supported PPP’s nominee for becoming CM both times but they felt the decision didn't bode well for the inner-city areas of the province.

The MQM leader said that Pakistan People’s Party has a continued ruling in the province for a pretty long time now which has caused to widen the split-up among the rustic and municipality area within the state. He said the worst part of the ruling party is the practice of making decision in a brute and cruel manner but they are assertive to do it because of their majority in the house which did not augur well for the people of Sindh.

Apart from other opposition benches, PML (N) also opposed PPP’s aspirant. M. Ismail Rahoo said they believe that the long ruling provincial government of PPP has only promoted corruption, favoritism and displayed bad governance.